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Pandemic Resolution


Whereas, the President of the United States and the Governor of the State of Washington has declared a state of emergency due to the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic, a virus that has created the need to take unprecedented measures in order to stop the spread of the virus, and


Whereas, pursuant to RCW 24.03.070 and 23B.02.070 regarding Emergency Bylaws, absent any direction to the contrary in Redmond Assembly of God Bylaws, current state law provides for situations such as this, giving the board of directors of Redmond Assembly of God authority to enact special emergency bylaws to accommodate such emergency,


Therefore be it resolved, that the Redmond Assembly of God Board of Directors be granted emergency power by act of this resolution to enact an emergency bylaw provision in the following manner: pursuant to the aforementioned state laws, this board resolves to bypass any and all of the current Redmond Assembly of God Bylaws as needed in order to comply with all federal and state requirements and/or regulations pertaining to meetings or other accompanying standard operating procedure business of the church such as elections, and


Therefore be it further resolved, that the Redmond Assembly of God Board of Directors be granted the power to act in any legal, reasonable, and prudent manner they deem necessary to conduct such business that may conflict with current Redmond Assembly of God Bylaw provisions or requirements, including the suspension of an annual business meeting and other regular business until such a time as the current pandemic is resolved and emergency measures are lifted.

By this action the board of Redmond Assembly of God exercises fiduciary responsibility for protecting the best interests of the church membership, and the spread of the Gospel in this community, and further agrees that this shall be in effect until such time as the Federal or State government determines the current Corona Virus Pandemic state of emergency to be over. At such time, standard operating procedures for church business and compliance with regular Redmond Assembly of God Bylaws will resume.

This resolution is submitted for consideration to the Board of Redmond Assembly of God by the Secretary of the Board, Erlene Johnson, on March 30, 2020 for immediate adoption.